Here is a quick synopsis of who I am.

Interests: teaching, photography, design, marketing, science, food, making this a kinder world

Hobbies: hiking, biking, dancing, yoga, reading, frolicking in the sun

Books that Changed My Life: Charlotte’s Web, Illusions, Revolution Within, The Tipping Point, Making a Good Brain Great, Getting Things Done

Favorite Things to do with People: Take pictures of them! (I can’t help it!!)

Obsession: Photography! I breathe, eat and fall asleep thinking about it! Whether it be wedding photography, engagement photography, children photography or maternity shoots...I LOVE it all.

Favorite Quote: “We must become the change we wish to see in this world” -Gandhi

Favorite Song: Amazing Grace (reminds me that humanity can triumph ignorance…if a slave-trader can do it, anyone can!)

Here is a synopsis of my life experiences:

Since she was very young Sangeeta has cared about making a difference in the world. All through her school years she has co-founded and participated in many non-profit causes including human rights, animals rights and the environment. Throughout her initiatives, she was seen as a creative leader and a role model.

In Southern California, she put her efforts into creating WorldFest, one of the largest vegetarian environmental festivals in the world, as an Organizer, Media Relations Officer, and Creative Director for the event.

Her ability to give inspiring presentations with effective presentation design, made her a sought after speaker for 15 years. Sangeeta has prepared a variety of informative and visually pleasing presentations given at numerous universities including Princeton and Stanford, to fashion retailers like H & M and Esprit, and for non-profit clients like Mercy for Animals and EarthSave.           

She has created educational materials for charities and helped write content, and implemented innovative design ideas for the nation’s largest humane education curriculum complete with teacher’s guide, lesson plans and a video for which she was the Executive Director. Sangeeta has received her Bachelors Degree in Leadership at Union University and Masters in Education at Cambridge College