What Professors Are Saying About Me:

    "Ms. Kumar is an impressive, sincere, and committed person, and everyone who hears her speak will have reason to pause before making light of or mocking animal rights issues and advocates in the future. One must see her in action to fully appreciate the tactful and sensitive manner in which she pleads her case.

    "In the brief time I spent with Sangeeta over a two day period, she comported herself with good will, grace, manners, intelligence, and a wonderful and down-to-earth sense of humor. Again, I don't think anyone would regret having Ms. Kumar speak to his or her students, and I strongly endorse her being invited to your classroom."
    —David Hoch, lecturer in law and ethics, Warrington College of Business, and adjunct professor, Levin College of Law, University of Florida

    "… Sangeeta came to my class, Methodology in Ethics: Translating Theory into Practice. This class is an upper-division seminar attended by philosophy majors who are writing honor's theses in the Stanford Ethics and Society Program. These students are top-notch, rife with skepticism and keen analytical skills, not exactly an easy audience. Sangeeta proceeded to give a 45 minute Power Point presentation entitled, 'Animal Rights, Radical Tactics, and the American Media.' Let me say unequivocally that I was impressed not only with Sangeeta's professionalism and preparedness, but most importantly with the sophistication and depth of knowledge she had concerning both the ethical foundations of PETA and the justifications for the (sometimes controversial) practices that PETA often employs. Following the presentation, Sangeeta fielded questions from the students for another 30 minutes. Her confidence, connection with the students, and ability to field students' questions was remarkable, no mean feat."
    —Robert C. Jones, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy, Stanford University

    "She presents ideas clearly and logically as should any good speaker. However, what distinguishes her from most is that she infects her audience with her enthusiasm, vision, and compassion. People become inspired. They see that there is another and better path. They even become motivated to walk along that path."
    —Prad Basu, adjunct faculty, Union University, and former faculty member, Malasapina College

    "[A]fter asking my students for their true thoughts about the value of her performance … I was told that she was entertaining, informative, approachable, and—perhaps most important—inspiring."
    —Allen Costell, instructor of philosophy, College of DuPage and Harper College